Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take reservations?

No we do not. At Roseanna's Cafe we are first come first serve. We offer beverages and appetizers in the lobby for those waiting.

Is your seafood fresh and local?


Yes it is! All the seafood we serve is freshly caught and locally sourced.

Can you accommodate food allergies and diets?

If you have a food allergy, make sure to tell your waiter and we'll communicate with the Chef to ensure you have a safe experience.  

Do you have specials?

Roseanna's always has rotating entree and dessert specials. 

Do you have outdoor seating?

No we do not. We only have indoor seating but we do offer meals to go! 

When do you begin serving dinner?

Lunch runs from 11am-3:45pm and dinner begins at 4pm until closing. 

We're open for take-out and limited indoor dining!

Friday - Sunday


Roseanna's Cafe

We look forward to serving you next time you're in beautiful Oceanside Oregon!

Please note we do not take reservations

1490 Pacific Ave

Oceanside OR 97134 

Tel: 503.842.7351
Feel Free to Call or Email with any Questions!

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